Hanpen Adjustable Cot


The Hanpen Adjustable Cot redefines camping comfort with its unique design and built-in air mattress. Available in two styles, high and low, it caters to various camping needs. The high style doubles as a bench for three, while the low style fits seamlessly into smaller tents. With its fluffy sleeping experience and an air mattress that buffers against the ground, it promises unparalleled comfort. Compact and easy to carry, it's perfect for any camping adventure.


  • Fluffy, comfortable sleeping with a built-in air mattress.

  • Dual-purpose: high cot style doubles as a bench; low style for tent compatibility.

  • Compact and portable, with a dedicated carry bag.

  • Create a flat, double bed-like space when using two next to each other.

  • Durable design with a load capacity for seating up to three people.


Color: Tan


W x D x H: 31 in x 6.3 ft x 9/15 in  (78 cm x 190 cm x 22/39 cm)

Storage Size: 17 in x 10 in x 9 in (44 cm x 25 cm x 22cm)


13.01 Ibs (5.9 kg)



Frame: Aluminum alloy

Air mat: TPU

Cover: 600D nylon (PU coating)

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Customer Reviews

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Kongmeng vang

Haven't officially used it for camping but we did setup for testing and my wife and child love it!! Super comfortable!

Edward R.
Never camped before…

I used this for a 24 hour solo fast/vision quest. It was amazing how it supported/comforted/cradled me under the Milky Way night sky. Easy setup with the exception of a long time to inflate properly. Super quick to take down and put back in the carrying case.

Nice cot and pack away to a good size

Comfortable sleeping arrangement is key for my family when going camping. We’ve gone from megamats (very comfortable but it’s on the ground and a hassle to setup/putaway), to Coleman cot with pad (very comfortable but bulky).

When I saw the Hanpen cot, I thought it’s a great cross between the Coleman and the Megamat I have. It turns out to be so. It’s very compact when packed away, and decently comfortable when setup and pumped up with air.

Here are some of the negatives…

- A little tougher to setup. Three sets of legs to unfold and arange individually, then threading 2 poles through the under side sleeves.
- The cot sags a bit much because there are no cross support. Even with air pumped up fully it still sags more then I prefer.
- Material makes it quite noisy at night when you’re turning over.
- Hard to pump using the built in hand pump. I used a small electric pump instead.

Overall, it’s a lot more involved when setting up compared to what I have, and the comfort level is just a tad behind the Coleman or the Megamat.

I bought it at the sales price of $150, which is worth it considering its compact size. But if it’s priced any higher, I would likely recommend passing.

Mariyah Hamilton
Multi-Purpose High Model

Not just a bed; it's a comfortable bench, too. Ideal for social camping scenarios.

Inayah Boyer
Ground Insulation

The built-in air mattress insulates against ground cold, ensuring a warm sleep.

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