Maki Firewood Carrier and Frame


The Maki Firewood Carrier and Frame is an innovative set designed for easy transportation and storage of firewood, enhancing your camping and outdoor bonfire experiences.


  • Large capacity stand holds up to 30kg (66 lbs) of firewood, keeping it dry and neatly organized.

  • Convertible fabric part serves as a durable bag for convenient firewood transportation.

  • Lightweight and compact design, folding down to the size of two 2L bottles and weighing only 1.3kg (2.86 lbs).

  • Simple assembly with rubber-connected frame parts for quick setup.

  • Sturdy, flame-resistant canvas material used in the firewood bag, resistant to bonfire sparks.

  • Includes accessory pockets for storing small items and a belt for securing firewood in the bag.


Colors: Olive


W x D x H: 26 in x 16 in x 20 in (66 cm x 41 cm x 51 cm) 

*For stand only (approx.) W x D x H: 26 in x 9 in x 20 in (66 cm x 23 cm x 51cm)

Packed size:

W x D x H: 14 in x 7 in x 5 in  (36 cm x 17 cm x 12cm)

Weight: 1 Ib (1.3 kg)


Materials: aluminum alloy, cotton

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

This is perfect! I have a wood burning stove in my tent and this is what I have been looking for. Quality material, great functions, incredible packability.

Rory Montoya
Outdoor Convenience

This firewood carrier and frame set brings convenience to outdoor fire experiences. It's a simple yet effective tool for any camper.

Kristen Jarvis
Convenient Firewood Transport

The Maki Firewood Carrier and Frame set has revolutionized how we handle firewood on camping trips. It's incredibly easy to transport and store wood now.

Szymon Gamble

Makes storage and transport so efficient.

Cory Michael
Must have

If you love camping and bonfires, this carrier and frame set is a must-have.

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