Ichi Couple Bundle


2-3 people 
Plenty of space to camp for two in our Ichi Couple package. The Ichi One Pole Tent small, with a 63 sqft footprint, is the perfect place to hang out throughout the day. Sleeping space for 2 adults comfortably, maximum 3. Two Bed in Bag cots fit in the inner tent to give you a great night's sleep. Sugoi chairs provide seating for 2, plus a there's large waterproof floor area for lounging. A wagon gets all your gear from the car to the campsite, then doubles as a table.


  • 1x Ichi Tent Medium Tan
  • 2x Sugoi Chair Tan
  • 2x Bed in Bag Cots Tan
  • 1x Uma Folding Wagon
  • 1x Uma Folding Table Top


63 sqft
Sleeps Comfortably: 2
Sleeps Maximum: 3
Beds for: 2
Seating for: 2

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