Zarges K440


The ZARGES K440 medium-duty aluminum case is renowned for its durability, lightness, and versatility. Designed with distinctive blue stacking corners, it ensures safe stacking and is tailored to fit DIN 15141 pallets. Offered in nine standard dimensions, the K440 boasts features like an aluminum lid complemented with a stainless steel hinge, a consistent lid seal, and dual robust lid straps. The design also emphasizes fully welded aluminum sections, blue impact-resistant stacking corners, and ergonomic handles capable of supporting up to 110 lbs.

The K440 case is not just about durability; it offers customization to suit varying requirements. While nine standard sizes are readily available, custom dimensions, foam lining, and other modifications can be catered to upon request. It accommodates a plethora of accessories such as dividers, pouches, locks, and mobility aids like dollies. The lid is structured for easy access and is shielded against dust and moisture, while the case's solid aluminum build assures stackability and strength. Notably, it doesn't hold UN Certification for Hazardous Material Transport. With its capacity to serve a myriad of purposes—from arctic exploration to equipment transport and from hobby activities to professional applications—the K440 stands out as the optimal choice for medium-duty endeavors.


Introduced in 1950: Proven legacy of quality and innovation.

Stackable Design: Optimal for storage and transport.

Reinforced Construction: Corner beads ensure added dimensional stability.

Versatile Security: Snap fasteners compatible with plug locks, lead seals, spring anti-opening features, and padlocks (up to 6 mm shackle).

Pallet-Friendly Dimensions: Perfectly matched to DIN 15141 pallet standards.


Origin: Germany

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