Okra Tarp


The Okra Tarp is a versatile and expansive polycotton tarp, perfect for creating a large, shaded area for camping and outdoor activities. Its octagonal shape and streamlined design provide excellent wind resistance, while the dark shade and spark resistant polycotton fabric offer both comfort and safety. (For a limited time, comes with red Compact Tarp Pole set and Shakeen Peg Set.)


  • Offers a 16.7 ft x 16.7 ft super large octagonal area, accommodating numerous people or camping setups.
  • Equipped with poles and grommets on all eight corners for a variety of tensioning styles.
  • Streamlined shape and multiple peg-down points for superior stability in windy conditions.
  • Polycotton fabric creates deep shadows and is less prone to damage from sparks.

About Polycotton

Polycotton is a mix of polyester and cotton. Compared to polyester, polycotton provides a superior camping experience. The material breathes, it’s quieter in the wind, and it’s more durable. Polycotton is commonly used for camping gear in Europe and Japan. It is used less commonly in North America due to the cost. In an effort to introduce polycotton to the North American market, DOD is offering our line of polycotton tarps at prices competitive to polyester tarps.

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Tarp Color: Tan


Poles: Red



W x D x H: 16.9 ft x 16.9 ft (510 cm × 510 cm)

Storage Size: 

W x D x H: 24 in x 7 in x 7 in (61 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm)


9.25 Ibs (4.2 kg)



Polycotton (65% polyester, 35% cotton)

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