Tequila Table


The Tequila Table, available in large (L) and medium (M) sizes, is a durable and versatile camping table. The L size includes three slats for a wider surface, while the M size comes with two. Made from tough iron, it can withstand use over a bonfire and features a special coating resistant to peeling under heat. The table's design allows for various configurations by adding extra plates and legs or using one-by-wood for customization. Its wooden edges provide a comfortable grip, updated to scratch-resistant beech wood for enhanced durability.


  • Durable iron construction, suitable for use over a bonfire.
  • Available in two sizes with adjustable width for family dining.
  • Customizable design for various camping needs.
  • Wooden edges for comfortable handling, now in scratch-resistant beech wood.
  • Flat storage for convenient transport and space-saving.


Colors: Black



W x D x H: 45 in x 19 in x 16 in (115 cm x 49 cm x 41 cm)

Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)


W x D x H: 45 in x 13 in x 16 in (115 cm x 32.5 cm x 41 cm)

Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)


steel, wood

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Customer Reviews

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Alexander Bushuev
First look is good

It looks solid enough to hold anything. Haven’t tried it over any fire yet. At first wasn’t easy to put it up together , looks incredible, will see how long would it last.

Danika Gaviola
Love it, quite stylist and sturdy

We love the table. The only issue is that one of the wood handles is quite loose, and the rest are stable.


Well made and easy to use!!!

Jane Healy
Useful and well designed--but HEAVY

The simplistic design is excellent and the quality of the welding seems very good as well. I like the versatility of the table; the fact that you can use it as a table or firepit grill, the fact that you can stack the 3 panels on 3 different tiers, the fact that you can add dimensional lumber to get even more surface area... fantastic.

On arrival, my Tequila table was missing a bolt and nut set from one of the three "planks" indicating there might be a problem with quality control. Yes, it could have worked loose in shipping, but a dab of Locktite would have eliminated the problem. Now I need to wait for a replacement.

Finally, there is a mistake on the website. The copy on the Specifications drop-down menu says that the large Tequila table:
"weight is 13 lbs (6 kg)" THIS IS A MISPRINT! The medium and large specs are reversed. When I ordered the large, I thought it was smaller and lighter than what I received--causing me to buy a much larger setup than I was expecting. Be aware that the large is *really* large and heavy! That said, I am keeping it. But is definitely for RV or car camping.

Prince Guzman

Great tough iron build and the wooden edges.

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