Tequila Table


The Tequila Table, available in large (L) and medium (M) sizes, is a durable and versatile camping table. The L size includes three slats for a wider surface, while the M size comes with two. Made from tough iron, it can withstand use over a bonfire and features a special coating resistant to peeling under heat. The table's design allows for various configurations by adding extra plates and legs or using one-by-wood for customization. Its wooden edges provide a comfortable grip, updated to scratch-resistant beech wood for enhanced durability.


  • Durable iron construction, suitable for use over a bonfire.
  • Available in two sizes with adjustable width for family dining.
  • Customizable design for various camping needs.
  • Wooden edges for comfortable handling, now in scratch-resistant beech wood.
  • Flat storage for convenient transport and space-saving.


Colors: Black



W x D x H: 45 in x 19 in x 16 in (115 cm x 49 cm x 41 cm)

Weight: 19 lbs (8.6 kg)


W x D x H: 45 in x 13 in x 16 in (115 cm x 32.5 cm x 41 cm)

Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg)


steel, wood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jane Healy
Useful and well designed--but HEAVY

The simplistic design is excellent and the quality of the welding seems very good as well. I like the versatility of the table; the fact that you can use it as a table or firepit grill, the fact that you can stack the 3 panels on 3 different tiers, the fact that you can add dimensional lumber to get even more surface area... fantastic.

On arrival, my Tequila table was missing a bolt and nut set from one of the three "planks" indicating there might be a problem with quality control. Yes, it could have worked loose in shipping, but a dab of Locktite would have eliminated the problem. Now I need to wait for a replacement.

Finally, there is a mistake on the website. The copy on the Specifications drop-down menu says that the large Tequila table:
"weight is 13 lbs (6 kg)" THIS IS A MISPRINT! The medium and large specs are reversed. When I ordered the large, I thought it was smaller and lighter than what I received--causing me to buy a much larger setup than I was expecting. Be aware that the large is *really* large and heavy! That said, I am keeping it. But is definitely for RV or car camping.

Prince Guzman

Great tough iron build and the wooden edges.

Ana Li
High-Quality Camping Table

The beech wood edges are a nice touch. It's not just durable; it's also comfortable to use

Rocco Francis
Functional and Stylish

This table isn't just functional; it's stylish too. The beech wood adds a nice aesthetic touch

Florence Wilkins
Great product

I love the versatility of the large Tequila Table. It’s become a staple for our outdoor BBQs and camping trips.

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