Glowing Logo Sticker


Flaunt your love for DOD with this glow-in-the-dark logo sticker. Not only does it look great on your gear, but it also acts as a beacon, making it easier to locate items in the dark. The sticker's design is all about the logo, with no background, resulting in a sleek finish when pasted.



  • Official DOD logo design.
  • Uses phosphorescent material to glow in the dark after absorbing light.
  • Acts as a beacon, helping locate camping gear in the dark.
  • Transfer sheet included for easy and intact pasting.


Colors: Phosphorescent Green


Medium Size W x H: 2 in x 4 in (4.7 cm x 9 cm)

Small Size W x H: 1 in x 2 in (3.2 cm x 6 cm)


Medium: 0.008 lbs (2 g)

Small: 0.004 lbs (1 g)


Acrylic urethane resin luminescent paint

Polyester resin

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