Leave No Trace Fire Mat


The Leave No Trace Fire Mat is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable bonfire experience. This fireproof sheet ensures the ground is protected from sparks and accidental fire spread, making it a responsible choice for outdoor activities. *Please only use this product with DOD fire pits; fire pits of other brands may become too hot on the bottom and cause mat to burn.


  • Constructed from flame-resistant fiberglass fabric, effectively preventing fire from spreading to the ground.

  • Features double-sided silicone treatment for easy cleaning and reduced skin irritation.

  • Octagonal shape allows for communal gathering around the fire, accommodating multiple people comfortably.

  • Sewn with flame-retardant aramid fiber thread for enhanced safety.

  • Compact and portable design, easily foldable for backpack storage, includes a carry bag for convenience.

  • Useful for insulating the ground and drying firewood near the fire source.


Colors: Olive

Dimensions: W x D: 39 in x 39 in (100 cm × 100 cm)

Packed size: W x D x H: 9 in x 2 in x 13 in (22 cm x 4.5 cm x 32 cm)

Weight: 1.43 Ibs (650 g)


Fiberglass (silicon processed on both sides)

Instruction Manuals

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lee Thomas
Essential for Outdoor Safety

This fire mat has become an essential part of my camping gear. It's reassuring to know that the ground and surrounding area are protected.

Betsy Branch
Pratique et Responsable

Facile à utiliser et une manière responsable de profiter des feux de camp sans endommager l'environnement

Evangeline Atkins
High-Quality Fire Protection

The quality of this mat is outstanding. It provides excellent protection against sparks and heat.

Edward Carpenter
Great product

Fantastic product. I use it with the Pera Moe.

Janet Andrade
Must have

Every camper should have this. It's an easy way to be responsible and safe when having a fire.

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